Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall Activities

This week sort of stumbled by us. We had fall activities, soccer, Jasmine working on her science board for the science fair and other stuff. I know it's November now, and in some places that's meant a big change in weather and activities. But here it feels the same.

Jasmine went to the youth group party Wednesday after dance class. So she's not in costume, she's still in what she wore to hip hop. Cute enough, though.

The twins were to make paper bag masks to go with a book. They had to write and give an oral report too. They both chose The Magic Tree House: Pirates Past Noon. Kayla wanted to be the parrot, and Kaleb was the pirate. The parrot didn't come out quite like we'd pictured but oh well.

Two Mike W's.

Kayla had to have a pumpkin for school. They weighed and measured it, and then scooped out the seeds and counted them. She carved it when she brought it back home.

She helped me make a peanut thing I call, "Mom's Peanut Butter Fix."

It is kind of like peanut butter fudge with cereal added. We used corn flakes, but you could use cheerios too.
Mom's Peanut Butter Fix
1c sugar               1c light corn syrup (light color, not calories!)
2c peanut butter   4c corn flakes or cheerios

Combine the sugar and syrup in a pan. Heat stirring constantly until it boils or your arm falls off. Boil one minute. Add the peanut butter, stirring constantly. When the peanut butter is blended, add the cereal. Gently stir into mixture. Remove from heat. Let sit one minute. Drop by spoonful onto the waxed paper or eat from the pan to save time.

Jasmine finishing up her board.

And finally, after many long weeks, we are done.


Fatcat said...

Eat from the pan to save time. What a great mom-tip for busy moms everywhere. Thanks for the chuckle.

Kathy C. said...

Really, why bother when it's going to be gone in a matter of minutes :)