Saturday, November 23, 2013

Early Thanksgiving

We are headed to northern Indiana for Thanksgiving. The reason is that Tyler doesn't want to spend Thanksgiving at Job Corps. By time we get him in KY, we are closer to my mom and sister in IN than we are to home. So we're going to go on up, spend three days, and then return Ty to KY and return to FL.

 So we decided to do an early Thanksgiving here and have Hunter and his mother over along with his niece.
Jessica wanted to do the cooking, but she needed help getting the neck out of the Turkey.  At our house, the guys usually do all the cooking on Thanksgiving. But of course Ty and Adam aren't here this year. First year they aren't with us for it.

I peeled 5+ pounds of potatoes.

Hunter, Jessica and Jasmine

Jasmine and Hunter's niece. Jasmine was wearing jeans and a nice shirt, but Zona Mae was wearing a nice dress, so Jasmine changed to her dress.
Our family plus Hunter, his mom and his niece.

No, they didn't get to eat all that.  It wouldn't be good for them. But we let them each have a little off of it. They were well supervised because Travis can be food aggressive, but it wasn't a problem since there was so much to share. Only Max is missing from this photo.

We found out Rick has to work next week so won't be making the trip to Indiana with us. I need to go find something that passes as winter clothing and get packed.


Emily said...

Jessica needing help getting the neck out of the turkey made me laugh. My mom loved to tell the story of the first Thanksgiving after she and my dad got married...she left the neck and packet of giblets inside the turkey, plastic and all. It ruined the turkey and left the smell of melting plastic in her house for a week!

Kathy C. said...

I guess if you didn't know they were there or to take them out, it would make sense. I've never done the turkey, Rick always has.

One Crowded House said...

I think I've only cooked a turkey once or twice- and this year we are going to a friends for Thanksgiving- maybe Christmas? :)

Have a safe trip!

Kathy C. said...

We do build your own pizzas for Christmas :)

Thanks. Heard the roads are very icy right now.