Monday, August 6, 2007

Introducing Tyler

Tyler is my First Born and a great kid. He's showing abilities in computer and technology right now and is thinking about designing computer games in the future.

Ty is 17 but you wouldn't think so because he struggles with ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome. But it doesn't affect his academics because he's one smart guy, a year book photographer, part of the police Explorers program and a children's church worker. Since birth he has lived in ND, Okinawa, SD, England, GA and FL.

North Dakota.

(Left) We loved "Jaunty Jalopy." (Below) Okinawa.

South Dakota

First year of t-ball. England.

(Left)Disneyland France (EuroDisney)

Holland, MI (While living in GA)

Shoveling snow from Grandma's roof in Indiana-- a real novelty since we don't get snow.

Suspicious trick or treaters.

At the beach.

Ready for School

Aboard a Carribean cruise.

Tyler played Upward basketball one year but due to having Asperger's syndrome, physical activities are difficult for him.

Tyler assisted me with my peewee soccer team. He stood behind our goal and made sure the kids were putting the ball in the right goal. If you have to ask why he needed to do this, you haven't had a child on a peewee team!

Tyler is part of the police department Explorer's program. He is also the most popular volunteer in our church's toddler program!

Ty's 17th birthday

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Lou said...

some of these pictures are getting kind of old!!!! 17!!!!!!
Guess that means I must be more than 21 by now.