Sunday, August 5, 2007

Introducing-in the beginning

I thought I 'd take the chance to introduce you to our family. I'm starting with Rick and myself. These pictures are of everything from birth to wedding. It's kind of hard to condense 26 years into one post!

We were both born in Elkhart, IN in 1962 (although these first pictures of me were taken in Michigan at my grandparents').

First day of kindergarten, kindergarten picture.

Rick's family.

(Left)One of my favorites. Isn't he sweet?

(Above Rick, left me)Sixth grade. The last year we were in separate schools. Charming-ha!

High school grad pictures, Elkhart Baptist Christian School 1980

College grad picture Dec 1983

State games swim meet

Wedding July 2, 1988 Elkhart IN

With my grandmother,
aunt and uncle in Michigan.

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Lou said...

Where did you dig up these pictures???????? I thought some of them were gone and buried. They should be.
Plaid pants had to be '64 or '65.