Friday, August 10, 2007

Introducing Jasmine

Jasmine is my joy and song! I took her home from the hospital at three weeks old as a foster child. She went through several surgeries to correct clefts and other birth anomalies. She is a real trooper. I may have over stimulated her just a bit to ensure she'd have the spunk to survive....

We adopted Jasmine in July 04 and she is doing great. She just finished kindergarten and can really read. She sings beautifully and is in dance, tumbling and gymnastics. She has played three seasons of soccer.

Jasmine is truly a blessing!

We all fell in love with Jasmine from the start!

Christmas angel.

First birthday--Jasmine was teething!

Jasmine loves the beach

Getting a race trophy from Jimmy Carter

Mission camp

Adoption day, July 14, 2004

Gymnastics award

Singing at the talent show

Christian book convention (ICRS) in Colorado

Making new friends in Colorado!

Jasmine is awesome at soccer!

(LEft) ICRS in Atlanta

TMI mission camp

Kindergarten graduation

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