Monday, October 7, 2019

Grandchildren Cuteness

I am fortunate to get to see two of my grandchildren at least once a week. In fact in two weeks, they will stay with us for most of a week. Since I have a toy shop in a flea market, a lot toys pass through the house, and I try them out on the girls to see what they like. Their newest favorites are a Fisher Price 1995 parking garage and a wooden train!So those will stay with us.

So focused on making the train go!

Hair is still wet from the pool.

Even Papa and Uncle TyTy got involved in building.

Seriously though, I think the layout Winter and I built in the first train picture was much better. You'll have to take my word for it since you can't see it.

I post a lot of pictures of Jessica's girls, River and Winter, but I don't post as many of my step-daughter Ashley's children, Phoenix and Griffin. They are 15 and 12. They are up in Indiana, so I have to swipe their pictures from face book.

Phoenix plays percussion in the high school band.

This was taken on Griffin's 12th birthday in August. He plays trumpet and football. 


My son-in-law Mike with Griffin.

Picture overload coming the week they stay with us.

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