Thursday, October 26, 2017

Photo Overload

I am taking a photography refresher class because the manual settings on my Nikon 5500 are different from the Nikon 3100 I had. (Still have but it won't auto focus) Yesterday the kids didn't have school, so we went to the park so I could try out some camera settings.

Kayla, 12

Jasmine, 16

Winter, 6 months

Kaleb, 12

River, 21 months

Then we went to a new beach. We had come a few times several years ago, but the beach looks totally different! It used to be a small secluded area. Now it's a big, wide open beach.

We found a bunch of sand dollars. And this was with several other people already there shell hunting. I told the kids we need to come at sunrise sometime and see what we can find.

I have more pictures, but I'll leave it at this for now. Don't want to overload anyone. It's starting to get cool now. About 50F when we first get up, but warm by time the kids get out of school.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful kids. I cannot believe it is fall, as pretty as it is I look forward to Spring and Summer. I hope things are going well in your next adoption endeavor. Praying and God bless!


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