Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Alot Going On

I haven't been posting much lately--not because there hasn't been anything to post about, but because it's been crazy!

I told you the story about how we got the track cleats for Kayla, but I didn't tell you about the euphonium. Ty saw an online post for a euphonium for $50. It said it was in okay shape but had an air leak. That could mean almost anything. I was picturing either bad valves or a leak in the joints. But I decided to take a chance on it but asked if she'd take $40. She did, and I became the owner of a euphonium.

I took it to a music store to be evaluated. Turns out the only thing wrong with it is that it has the wrong mouthpiece. But it's playable anyway. So the twins are taking turns playing the instrument. One plays trombone and the other plays the euphonium. 

Kayla is on the soccer team. She and I made a contract. It basically says that if she wants to remain on the team she cannot steal, lie or skip her jobs. She must maintain a good attitude. On days she violates it, she doesn't go. The coach agrees with this. So some weeks she hardly goes. At her school there are very low expectations for students, and they get to play in the games even if they don't go to practice! I hope to move her to Kaleb's school next year. It's kind of in the middle between the charter school she was at with over zealous requirements and the title 1 school she's in now. They have not won any games yet. In fact, the game have been called on the mercy rule so far.

On the last post I asked you to vote on your favorite picture of Jasmine. The one below was the winner.

I have been making a lot of wreaths that I hope to sell. We will see what happens with that. Here are a few.

I hope to get some good pictures tomorrow to share next time.

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Felicia said...

I like your last wreath best! How is the fundraising going?