Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Last Days of Vacation

It feels like we haven't done as much this summer as other times. Maybe because we did all the big stuff in June--Jasmine had choir tour, we went to the Smokey Mountains in NC, the twins went to camp, Jessica, Jasmine and I went to Indiana, and then Jasmine and I went to Cincinnati and Chattanooga. But then Jasmine had enough band camps and practices to last us for a long time. Enough that she's talking about this being her last year of band and focusing on drama and voice after that. It has also rained the past two weeks with only a couple of clear days. So we have hardly been to the pool even though we paid a lot for a season pass. We went to the springs on two of the nice days. Well, actually it started storming as we were leaving.

Two of the kids were in the Missoula Children's theater play this year.

Here are some photos of that.

The whole cast. Jasmine is Scarella, the wicked fairy. Kaleb is a troll, but he changed to a 50s character. However, they left the troll paint on him, so he looks a little crazy. I wish they would have changed back into the troll costumes for photos.

Jasmine was amazing. The audience loved her.

The videos are too big to upload here, but if I get them uploaded to YouTube, I'll post a link later.

River and Uncle Ty Ty are becoming attached

Jessica didn't get to go to Ponce de Leon springs last time, so we went again. I can only take 5 people in my car, so not everyone went.

Kaleb was thinking maybe he wished he'd volunteered to stay home and play Wii!

River found the springs a little cold for her liking!

Tonight is Kayla's last night of freedom. She starts middle school at the same charter school she's been attending, and it starts a day early. The other two start Thursday.

We are looking forward to an exciting year and many changes!

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