Thursday, August 18, 2016

First Days

Not all of my children went back to school the same day. Kayla is at the charter school, and it started a day ahead.  They get out a couple of days earlier and don't have the same teacher work days off. I don't know why they insist on having a different schedule. It makes it hard for those who need daycare or who have children in both public and charter and want to do things as a family on those days. This year if Kayla's grades are good, I am going to pull her out when the other two are off so we can do day trips.

Kayla signed up for band but was denied it with them saying it is due to her having to take intensive math. They are not at the same time. And she has PE. Normally the kids get a PE waiver to take band.

The public schools started today.
 Jasmine has said this will be her last year of band due to the overwhelming commitment both during the year and the summer. It takes up most of the summer. We skipped some of it for our trips and her surgery. She is going to focus on drama and voice starting next year. She has a tough year this year with Band, Biology, World History, Liberal Arts Math (which uses the Algebra 1 book), 2D art 2 even though she hasn't taken Art 1, English 2 and Spanish 1. 
Kaleb only scored 4 points higher than Kayla on the math test and should be in intensive but isn't. I'm not sure if they waived his for band or not. They have one less period in the day than the charter school. Although they are in the same grade, they don't actually have all the same classes. He has US History and she has World Culture. He has band while she has PE. She has the extra math class and he doesn't.

My step grandchildren started school last week. 
Ashley is a hair sylist, so they always look great. Phoenix is in 7th and in her town, that's the first year of middle school. Griffin is in 3rd. He's a little smarty. We got a spend a few hours with them in Indiana this summer. I am hoping we get more time together next summer.

I suppose we will blink and this one will be in school!

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