Monday, February 1, 2016

Exploring Florida #1

A few years ago we started driving to nearby parks and springs to discover new places. Then life got complicated. We had Saturday sports, there were behavior issues, the older kids started working. So we just kept returning to our favorite two or three places.

A few weeks ago we started talking about trying to visit some new places up to 3 or 4 hours from us. This Saturday we did our first day of "exploring" Florida. We actually went back to a state park we had visited in 2010. It's called Falling Waters, but when we went in 2010 we went in the fall. There had been much rain, so there was no waterfall to see. It was very disappointing.

Only four of us went on Saturday, but there was a waterfall. Here are a few pictures. I used this opportunity to practice shooting manual on my camera. Some are auto though.

The biggest thing about the pictures is that it's winter, so there is not much color. I had hoped for much more vibrant pictures.

Anyone know what kind of bird this is?

Or this bird?

There are sinkholes over 100 feet deep.

Next up: Fort Walton


Anonymous said...

The first bird looks like a finch. There are many varieties, but possibly one that sometimes is referred to as a 'surfbird'?
The second photo, I'm not sure-but what little I can see also may be a finch species.

Felicia said...

Sinkholes 100 feet deep! Can't take Benjamin there. We need to do the same exploring here but never seem to make the time.