Wednesday, January 13, 2016

River--Best of Both?

River is turning into a beautiful blend of Hunter and Jessica.

Here are some photos of Jessica as a baby:

With my mom who is currently in the hospital.

And these are Hunter as a baby:

Here is Hunter with River:
And 24 years ago, Rick with Jessica:

Here are some photos of River taken on Monday.

Look at those eyes!
Had to decide what would be the first book I would read River. There were several I considered: Goodnight Moon, God Gave Us You, Runaway Bunny, Do You Love Me Mamma and so on. But I decided to go with one of Karen Kingsbury's books, Whatever You Grow Up to Be. She has written a couple of princess ones but those were not to be found. 

And yeah, it's okay if you fall asleep while we read. We'll just read it again another day.
The next three pictures are from today. Jessica came over to get a little pamper time because she is still really sore from the C section, and I don't mind changing diapers and making lunch for her.

The card table behind me is always up during long holiday breaks and is used for games and puzzles. It's still up because we are still working on a puzzle. I am redoing the family room, and it will be up whenever the ping pong table isn't. The ping  pong table takes up the whole room.

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