Saturday, February 14, 2015


We didn't really do anything special for Valentine's day unfortunately. Two of the children decided they were not going to cooperate at all today, so we stayed home. They were given second and third chances to do what they needed to for lesser privileges and decided not to. So although Penguins, Night at the Museum 3 and Big Hero 6 are all at the inexpensive theater, we didn't go. Kayla did not go to her basketball game either.
We had pancakes made with fresh blueberries, blueberry pie filling or syrup on top and whipped cream for those who wanted it. Which was everyone but me! (Because I had syrup, not pie filling on mine)

Hunter and Adam were both at work, and Jessica had to work at 10:30 but came for breakfast. I took some pancakes, bacon and sausage to Adam at work. They are kind of used to me occasionally running in with food for Adam (even though he's in his own apartment).

Everyone got a tube of candy, ear buds and a Christian music CD or DVD. Jasmine got Mandisa.

Yeah, Kayla has something weird going on with the back of her hair. She won't leave braids in, and instead of scrunching it pretty she pulls it straight out. Guess she's trying for a unique look. As of me writing this, she has all the braid out and it's just every which way.

Kaleb had some issues with the ready whip.

It's Jessica's  half birthday today as well as Valentine's Day. Hunter is on break every day from 9-9:15 so she was texting him.

They did the lottery drawing for the charter high school today. Very thankfully, Jasmine made it in. Happy Valentine's Day to her! There is a very long waiting list. She has a sibling advantage. If  you have a sibling already in the system, either branch of the school, you have priority. So she counted for Kayla when Kayla was trying to get in, and now Kayla counted for her for the high school. That seems kinds funny that the younger child can count toward the older, but it does. This charter school prides itself on expecting more from its students and that drives me crazy! No late assignments. Yet my college students constantly turn in late homework and even take the online quizzes late with no penalty! Still, it's the best place for Jasmine right now. The high school we are zoned for has a lot of issues. There is junk going on right at school. Junk she does not need to be exposed to!

Tyler just posted some rodeo pictures. A group of them got to go and are actually there as I'm writing this. Because he is rec director, he sometimes get priority on the outings. Rec director is a lot of work with no pay, so it's nice when he gets to go somewhere.

Hopefully he'll post more photos later.

So not the kind of day I was hoping for at all here, but my adult children all seemed to have a lot going on today.


Felicia said...

Sorry kids couldn't cooperate long enough to catch one of those cheap movies! Holidays are hard, event he small ones.

On a side note, I like Jessica's new hair color.

One Crowded House said...

yesterday was valentines and today was Steven's birthday- I was already for another child to try to sabotage things- he almost did and we redirected- hopefully he can keep it together the rest of the day
Steven deserves a peace filled day!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your day. Well I hope you and your hubby get a date night soon. Yay on Jasmine getting into the high school you wanted her in. She must be getting excited. Praying things go better with the twins. I love Jessica's top the color looks good on her.
What fun that Tyler got to go out but I am anti rodeo so not commenting on that part. :)

God bless your family.


Kathy C. said...

Well, it was another not so great day. I even stayed home from church with the twins. Jasmine was having stomach issues too.

Erika-I don't know enough about rodeos to have an opinion. I just hope the animals are well taken care of whether they are winners or not.