Friday, February 20, 2015

She's 14--and enrolled for high school!

Last Saturday was the lottery for all 9th graders wanting to go to the charter high school. Preference was given to those in 8th grade at either branch of the middle school. I'm not sure how many slots there are for 9th grade, but Jasmine was #103 to get in. She was near the end. On Monday I went and accepted her position and filled out enrollment papers. For high school. For my baby girl.

Does this look like someone who should be going into high school already? I guess it does feel like a lot of years  have passed since this was taken.

She'll always be my angel baby
These pictures are from two years ago when she turned 12. Our Sears no longer has a portrait studio. Neither does Penneys or Walmart! 

Jasmine turned 14 on Wednesday. That's her hip hop day. She wanted Little Caesar's Pretzel Crust pizza, so we stopped and got it on the way home.

 Travis giving his mommy a birthday kiss.

 Pretzel pizza
 Jessica joined us
 The movie she wanted isn't out yet, so she has an IOU from my mom for it.
 And a check from her grandparents
 A case from Aunt Lou for her (generic) tablet she got for Christmas.
She got a game and CD from Uncle Ken
 Adam and Deja joined us too. Adam gave her $$ for her band trip to Universal and our summer trip. Details still being worked out for summer. We had TWO "perfect" plans, both of which turned out to be flawed by things not our fault.
 We got her a DS game.
 And Air Jordan shoes (which we only paid half price for!) We also got her some clothes and a set of books you can see in the last picture that were a last minute idea and showed up the day after her birthday. I'd forgotten about them.

 She ended up with two cakes.
Jessica got her the dress she's wearing in this picture. She doesn't like dresses, but there's a black & white dance at school tonight. That's clothing colors, not a racial thing! She looks so grown up in the dress! And she actually likes it!!!!

Happy birthday boo bear/baby girl! You are my joy and song. Parenting you is the adventure of my life.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jasmine. Beautiful pictures. Love how Adams girlfriend Deja comes to lots of your family get togethers and Jessica picked out a great dress for Jasmine. Hope she had fun at the dance.

God bless


Kathy C. said...

Well, actually we were in dress code violation as were half the girls. I questioned why we weren't sent an e-mail saying they were checking length to the knees. Also pointed out she had dance pants under it. Short story, he told her to stop crying and us to leave the gym. I said she didn't have to stop crying, she was disappointed and maybe she should have known but they could have sent an e-mail and they know she's a drug baby and doesn't always get things. I ended up getting kicked off campus. So we went to see Annie at the cheap theater!!!!!