Monday, April 7, 2014

The Weekend

I have a few more pictures of Tyler and Rick from last weekend at the Louisville Comic Con.

Ty at Job Corp near Mammoth Cave.

This past weekend Tyler and some of the other guys had a weekend pass and went to Louisville together with no adult supervision. Tyler, of course, is 23 and would be fine. But I don't know the guys he was with. I haven't heard from him yet so don't know how it went.

Adam had a week of rifle training at his reserve base, and he's back safely from that and did quite well with it.

Jessica and I went to the Extraordinary Women's Convention in Pensacola. It's always on a Friday night and Saturday.

We stop in Destin for shopping on the way each year.

 Michael O'Brien leads the worship every year. He's a really good guy.
 Comedienne Chonda Pierce spoke first. Last time I heard her, she was pretty inappropriate for a Christian women's convention, but this time she was better. We still could have done without so much sex talk. It may have been totally appropriate for the adult women, but there are always home school girls who are early teens. Chonda talked about her husband turning to drink a few years ago, the separation they went through and the redemption of their marriage also. She's had a lot of real life battles that she shares defusing the pain with humor.

 Then Jeremy Camp sang. He is an amazing young man with a lot of passion for Jesus.

 Jessica's future mother-in-law was there with a church group. We got to introduce her to Karen, Kelsey and Kyle.

 Saturday morning started out with Kyle Kupechy, Karen's son-in-law singing and then Karen speaking. But the schedule said it started at 9:00. I got there about 9:10 and it had really started at 8:30. The correction was on their facebook page, but I didn't know about it. So Jessica and I missed Kyle and caught the end of Karen's talk. I'll see her again in June at ICRS.
 Then Kasey Van Norman spoke.

She was followed by Margaret Feinberg who is battling cancer.

We had a lunch break and went to David's Bridal to look at wedding dresses. We set up an appointment for later in the day to try on dresses.

Lisa Whelchel who was Blair on Facts of Life spoke after lunch. Any watch that? She went through a divorce about three years ago. She was on Survivor Philippines. I don't think I could do that.

Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty ended the conference. She was a refreshing change. She just said it like it was. It wasn't worked out and refined like many of the testimonies. She talked about Phil being an alcoholic (and a mean one!) the first ten years of their marriage and the separation they went through.

I think all of the speakers have been through painful things in the past--alcoholism of a family member, separation or divorce, cancer or other illnesses. I guess that's why they do what they do. To share the pain and the victory.

If you get a chance to go to EWC (used to be Extraordinary Christian Women but is not Extraordinary Women's Convention) then go. Take a daughter, sister or friend.

After the convention, we went back to the Bridal Shop. Jessica had three dresses she wanted to try on. She chose the second one. Sorry, but I can't show you. 

But here I am paying for the dress, bra, slip, preservation pack and cloth bag.

 We took a very scenic way home to look at possible wedding locations for Jessica.

So that was our weekend. How was yours?


One Crowded House said...

Well that was a very exciting weekend is it going to be a beach wedding?

Kathy C. said...

Yes, it is going to be.

Annalyn Reed said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! A Comic Con...I've never been to one but it looks fun! :)

Rebecca said...

I got my book this past weekend. Thank you!!!