Sunday, April 13, 2014


Third quarter has ended, and Kaleb had all B's and more importantly, he had all S's in conduct!! He also had perfect attendance.
Krispy Kreme gives out donuts for grades.

Kaleb and Jasmine hanging out.

This coming week is FCAT testing. There is a reason I don't teach even though I have my masters. Mostly because teaching just isn't fun anymore. And often it's not fair. Like FCAT. Kaleb has straight B's. But if he fails the reading FCAT test, he has to repeat third grade. That's the way it is. And it stinks. Not all kids test well. I think it's more important that they know how to use what they know and how to research to find out what they don't know.
(I also am not licensed in the state or FL or any other state at this time.)

This week is also dance picture week, so Jasmine will be getting her picture taken for her jazz dance and her hip hop dance. Costumes are here, but we are working on getting the shoes we need. Unfortunately the shoes they want the kids to have for the recital aren't the ones they wore all year for class!! Erg.

I can't believe how close we are to the end of the school year and summer! It's beautiful weather here today. Might be a good day to get the bikes out.


Annalyn Reed said...

Summer is almost here! All B's are very good, and if Kaleb is doing his best, that's all that matters. :)
Pictures sound very fun. :)What are S's and conduct?

Kathy C. said...

Conduct--or behavior--is graded S-Satisfactory, N--nedds improvement and U--unsatisfactory. It's the first time he hasn't had mostly N's!! :)

Kathy C. said...


Anonymous said...

Praying your kids taking the FCAT.. go Kaleb with your grades.

God bless


Kathy C. said...

Thank you

One Crowded House said...

yay for all S's and B's!!! That is something to celebrate!