Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day

I know the next post was supposed to be about the twins, but I'm still thinking that one through. Those of you who have adopted children understand trying to find the balance between only sharing the good and being realistic. And also protecting children's privacy.

So in the meantime, I'll post the few pictures I took on Valentine's Day.

I didn't take pictures of what I gave the kids, but the older ones and Rick all got water bottles filled with candy plus a DVD or CD. Adam came over for breakfast, and we were going to watch a movie, but he got called into work early. I sent Tyler about ten pounds of candy in the mail.

Jessica went to Hunter's to get the  puppies. She brought them over to hang out with our dogs. This is a male they call Polar Bear. He looks like his white fur is changing color though.

This is a female they call Snowflake. No clue why. The other one looks like a snowflake. This one looks like a wolf to me.

This is Kaleb's loot from school and home.

Jessica was headed out with Hunter, and Jasmine and I were headed to her middle school dance. Rick and I went to Outback last night for steaks.

At the dance. I was in charge of drinks. I think I poured 400 drinks!!! I really have no idea how many (could have been more or slightly less than that), but it was constant for three hours.

After the dance with a white rose she got. I think it was one of the decorations, and they were giving them away. I didn't have time to get any pictures of the way the gym was decorated. It was really nice though, City of Lights theme.

We have way too much sugar around here now, most of it in the form of chocolate!


Annalyn Reed said...

Aww the white puppies look so cute!
Jasmine looks very nice in her dress. :)

Kathy C. said...

Thank you Annalyn.

Felicia said...

Cute puppies. Tell Jasmine I like the picture with the balloons coming out of her head, :)

One Crowded House said...

Everyone looked pretty all dressed up!

Kathy C. said...

Thank you all. This school requires 20 volunteer hours per year so I got 3 hours for the fall dance and three for this dance.