Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Week

Well, Christmas is behind us. The kids have one more week of vacation. Adam has reserves for the first time next weekend. He has not yet completed his college application stuff so not sure how he's planning on starting college on Jan. 6. Ty flies back to KY on the 6th.

Here's some of what we've done this week. Mostly we have been here at home, except Adam who is only home a few minutes at a time. He's been hanging out at the gym with friends a lot.

At the movie Frozen. Jasmine and I had gone with Kayla and my sister in Indiana, but my car was Frozen, and the mechanic called in the middle of the movie, and I missed a lot.

Christmas Eve service at church. The Pastor reads a book to the kids and talks about Christmas.

Our kids. Quite a mix of clothing styles. I told everyone to wear what they would be comfortable in so they could just focus on the message. Jasmine wore Seminoles because I did.

Hunter has been to church with us twice for special Christmas services. That is major for him.

Crimson and Green. The perfect Christmas colors.

Adam reading the Christmas story from Luke 2. Then all of us, including Hunter, opened stocking gifts, plus the kids handed out what they'd bought for others.

An elf helps me put out all the gifts each year. We stack them by who they are from.

Christmas morning. All the pets get their special treats. Normally we do not ever have all five pets together because Max (yellow cat) had an early traumatic experience with a large, mean yellow lab that he  has never gotten over. You can see that Travis is thinking about messing with him.







We save Grandma Sims' present until evening each year. She usually gives the kids Wii games to share.

Yesterday Jasmine and I needed to get out, so we went to a popular shopping area about 45 minutes away.

Today is Hunter's birthday so he'll be over later. He really loves wolves, and volunteers at a wolf preserve, so she made him a large wolf blanket and two pillows. I'll post photos of that later.


One Crowded House said...

We used Christmas money from relatives for us to all go see Frozen at the regular theater (our cheap theater didn't play it!)- We all loved it and thought it was so sweet. We liked how the "love" that saved the princess didn't come from a boy- but from her love for her sister.

Kathy C. said...

It's at our expensive theater here. They usually go to the cheap one after a couple of months. Good story, but I hated that the bad guy got a good song.