Friday, March 15, 2013

This Week

Remember on Monday I said we had just a regular week this week with lots of appointments. Well, that's exactly how the week went. Kaleb's teacher called for a conference so I went in for that. Kayla had counseling. Jasmine had an appointment for her medication. Tyler had a dental appointment. I got a crown on a tooth. Adam had counseling and had track practice every day. And Rick had surgery on his foot on Wednesday.
Jessica is on spring break, and we didn't have anything special planned since the others were in school, so I took her to Genghis Grill. She had to clean her room first though : ) 

She spent a lot of time on homework too. College has gotten tough.

She also spent some time today on sewing projects.

It's beautiful out right now so three of the kids are out on the trampoline.

Jasmine joined them after her practice time was done, but she wasn't out when I took the pictures.

Have to finish up work before playing.

Jasmine is actually listening to Nadia's Theme (it has another name that I don't remember) and then playing it back on her bells!

Rick had pretty serious hammer toe and a couple of bunions, so they  did surgery to correct the problem and hopefully make walking a little more comfortable.

The kids are out on the trampoline still because with the change to daylight savings time, it's still light out! We plan to play Wii, watch Tangled and play some games later.

Tyler, Jessica, Jasmine and Kaleb have a 5K tomorrow which means we all have to be up early.

Have a great weekend!

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