Thursday, March 28, 2013

More of the Same and school photos

Spring break has pretty much consisted of making fattening desserts and playing Wii Outdoor Challenge and Just Dance Disney or Just Dance 4. The kids have gone out on trampoline and out on scooters in the afternoon when it's warmer.
These two have finally started bonding. Max misses his buddy Shy. They'd been together almost 12 years when Shy disappeared last August. Max was born in '99 and Shy in '01. Max will sometimes disappear for a while, and we'll think he's gone only to have him show back up. But Shy never missed a meal. We still miss him. Max and Jayden are both pretty laid back. Shy was more active. Not playful, just not to be ignored.

I always thought Max was pretty small until we got Jayden.

Adam had to work today, but he made cream cheese chicken chili before he went.

The others played Just Dance 4. Jessica got to play today, but she works this evening. It gets a little dramatic around here some times.

It's nice to see everyone get along. Except when they argue over which character they are going to be. You have to copy the dance moves of your character on the TV. The remote measures how well you do. So you have to have the remote that matches your character. Adam is our reigning champ so far.

The last meet was so small that the coach let some of the guys try hurdles who had never ever jumped a hurdle before--at least not until about five minutes before hand when they warmed up! Someone posted this photo of Adam, so I was able to get it.

Remember the day I took pictures of the kids before their school portraits? Well, below are the proofs. For some reason I'm not as thrilled with Kayla's. I don't know if it's the smile (not her real smile), the pose or that the dress is too light of a color for her. The packets costs a lot so I may try to get her picture taken somewhere else. Sears does great but they always take so many and I end up buying way too many. I bought a bunch of Jasmine because there were all so good, but it cost a lot. So I'm trying to rotate between getting school or sports photos one year and Sears the next.

What's your thoughts on these? Favorite background?

She just doesn't look thrilled to be getting her picture taken.

They always take photos on the cruise, so we can probably get one then. Or I'll just take one with a good background.


Kath said...

I think background #5 looks really good on Kaleb's pics, and probably #2 is the best on Kayla's.

Hevel said...

I think the best photo taken that day was done by you in front of the bookcase. None of the backgrounds look "real" to me.

megan said...

I think backgrounds 2 and 5 are the best for both of them. The other backgrounds just look too fake.

Kathy C. said...

Thank you Hevel :)