Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ICRS part 2

Ah, the glamorous life of an author. PBJ for the road. The pitas at the convention center are $9.75. Add $3 for a .99 bag of chips and $3.50 for water and it adds up in a hurry. We stocked up on apple slices, caramel dip, chips, bananas, chex mix etc at Walmart.
Jessica prepares lunch to go.

With author Davis Bunn. We know him from the Florida Christian Writer's Conference. Didn't know he's somewhat color blind until his wife described to him what color Jessica's shirt and feathers were.
This is an olympic gold medalist in gymnastics who wrote a book. Don't know who she is, but some of you will I'm sure. And I will after I read the book.
Anitra from Reach FM.
Jeremy Camp
Not the real one, but he's close. We took pictures of all  of us today with him, but discovered I didn't have a memory card. It was in my laptop from downloading last night. So I have to wait until I"m home and have a cord to download from the internal memory. At least I'm hoping the pictures took even though there wasn't a card.
We were watching 25 Hill, and Jessica went out to the restroom only to see Jesus on his cell phone. Who knew?
Director and actor from 25 Hill, a family friendly movie about soapbox racing. It stars the kid from Dolphin Tale and also has the little girl from Terabithia. 
Waiting for pick up.
She's here. Jessica has been great about dropping me off and picking me up at the door.
Ice on the knee, and we splurged for supper.
In other news, Adam has been in Trinidad for a week and a half now. They have been laying pipes so there is a good water supply for the construction. The Trinis have been bringing them a lot of local food so I'm sure that has been interesting. I know they had baked shark one night!

And Tyler got his driver's license. He has never wanted to drive. The asperger's makes him less coordinated and more stressed out. But he is capable, and he got his license this week. We are trying to move him into the adult world as he's able since he will not be returning to college. He still needs to find a job.

We are done with ICRS (although I hope to be able to post the other pictures Saturday when we get home), and the girls are off to Magic Kingdom. I am at the hotel and am going to stay off the knee and read the prerelease copy of Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge.


kayder1996 said...

Yeah for Tyler! I'm guessing it doesn't help that he lives in areas that are well populated. At least I'm assuming he would still have to drive in a city with more than 10, 000 people. I'm from the sticks (2 hours from a Walmart, lived 8 miles from the nearest town of 800 people, thought it was really amazing when the next town over of about 3, 000 in population got its first fast food resturant (Subway) in the 90's). Driving in big towns as a 16, 17, 18 year old freaked me out.

Kathy C. said...

It can get pretty crowded at times!

Sarah said...

Looks like you girls are having a good time! I think I missed it though...what exactly is the ICRS conference? Do all the artists have booths that showcase their latest books? Or do y'all attend classes?

Kathy C. said...

It's International Christian Retail Show and it meets every summer in changing locations. Orlando this summer, St. Louis next. Christian publishers and companies all come and set up booths. Then Christian bookstore owners from all over the world (lots from Africa) came and see what's available. There are usually special offers during the convention. Some publishers bring their authors to sign books which are given away free. Some things are exclusively for the bookstore owners but many of the publishers will let other authors or employees from the other publishing houses get the books too. We went through Tyndale although I didn't do a book signing.