Saturday, July 3, 2010


On Thursday we got to tour Concordia. I briefly met the editor for The Middle School Survival Manual.

We wanted to go back to the zoo but it was again full beyond capacity and so was turtle park, so we left St. Louis and headed east. We stopped at Chuck E. Cheese in Springfield, IL.

We spent 2,235 tickets! We'd saved some that were hand written by our CEC , but then it closed with no notice and since the points weren't on official paper, we lost 3,000+ points, and some of mine had faded out so we lost a bunch more. Therefore we decided to spend what we had left before something else happened! Got the two bouncy balls, football, three tops and two nice bracelets.

Friday was my 22nd anniversary but as happens often, Rick and I weren't together to celebrate.

We went to see my step-daughter and her two children on Friday on the way to my mom's. We took Grifin's birthday present to him early--a red flyer scooter.

Ashley, Griffin, Jasmine and Jessica

Griffin will be three in August.

Jasmine and Phoenix. Phoenix is six.

Me living wild : )

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