Monday, December 28, 2009

Last Evening with Jeff

Rick and Tyler left early this morning to take Jeff back to where he is staying. Yesterday was our last day together. Everyone was hanging out and playing Wii, playing games and watching movies.

Jeff and Jessica made a gingerbread house. We do this on Thanksgiving but since they mark them half price after Christmas we usually do one more with Jeff when he's here.

Jessica made rolled sugar cookies.

We played some games.

Things were going pretty well with everyone getting along more or less. Then I realized that one child had, for the second time, been out playing Wii etc. without completing a job he'd told had to be done before he played.
He kicked a hole in the bathroom wall several weeks ago and he had to patch and paint it by Christmas. The first time he was out playing without fixing it at all. Then he slopped paint on it and it was a mess so he had to redo it. So when I saw him out for the second time without fixing it, I sent him to his room. But he chose to say some rude things under his breath and got grounded to his room for today.
Choices, choices--especially kicking a hole in the wall in the first place. This is a habit. He also decided to be careless with the new pingpong table and knocked it apart right before this.
These two things put a bit of a damper on things last night but then we just changed directions and the guys and Jessica went to the back to watch GI Joe and Jasmine and I watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Then the guys watched Street Fighter and Jessica and I watch NCIS season one.

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