Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fingerprints, x rays etc.

The girls and I had to do several errands the past three days. We had to drive first 5 1/2 hours to Jax for me to update fingerprints for the adoption and Jessica to get fingerprinted for the first time. We went to Chuck E Cheese while we were there.

Then we drove to Shands which was about three hours or so from there. Jasmine is due for another whole round of surgeries. The next up is a bone graft in her upper jaw where her cleft was.
They took a full panel x-ray to make sure she was ready for the surgery. The cleft is fairly small and they might be able to repair it without taking bone from her hip. It would make the recovery a lot easier. The surgery would ideally have been Jan 6th but that wasn't enough time for insurance approval so it is Jan 27th.

We went to Build a Bear in the Gainesville Mall. Everything was really cute but we didn't buy anything. We did get our free book though.

We ate at the food court.

We drove up to Lake City and saw The Princess and the Frog at a theater. We had already talked about voodoo and dark magic and other things that are a issue for me with this movie. I hadn't seen it yet but had read the Plugged In online report. I try to read that before deciding if we will see a movie or not. This movie had a clear line between right and wrong, good and evil which was the deciding factor in its favor. Jasmine will be 9 in Feb and had been to Haiti and we've talked about some of these things before so she was okay with it but I'm not sure I'd take a child much younger than her to it.
We had to go almost back to Jax to pick Jeff up to spend a few days with us. Got home and found that Tyler needed a ride to work. Jessica took him to work and dropped Jeff off at the mall too. She is out on errands now as is Adam so just Jasmine and I are here. She is registering a new webkinz we got with my JC Penney's coupon.


One Crowded House said...

did you end up liking the movie? we haven't seen it yet... but now I see the new Chipmunks movie is playing at our cheap theater...

Karen said...

Will be praying for Jasmine's surgery. Post about it again, when it's close to time. Is she scared? Merry Christmas to you and all your family.

Hevel said...

I was the same way with the Princess and the frog, I took my 10-year-old, but not the twins. We liked it a lot, but I don't think my younger kids would have enjoyed it.

Merry Christmas!

Lou said...

And what do you do in your "spare" time?? Send some warm air up this way!!! :)