Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Senior Stuff

Tonight we went to the high school for Jessica to be measured for her graduation gown.

She had to check the spelling of her name for the diploma.

This is Jessica with a couple of friends from Ignite Club.

Looking over the stuff for sale on the senior table. I ordered and paid for her announcements, name cards and a senior necklace for her. I pay for that plus the senior photos and open house. In addition I give the high school kids $150 for misc school expenses. The rest is on them. You can easily spend $2,000 on yearbook, senior trip (Orlando), ring, shirts, backpacks, class supplies, club dues, club shirts and on and on.

Jessica chose to buy a class shirt. It's kind of cute becasue she's the class of '10.

Not often you get to be a perfect ten.


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Can't imagine the senior year! Blessings-