Monday, January 26, 2009


It was really fun walking Jessica to the teen building last night. I had her take her glasses off because it makes her look totally different. Her SS teacher walked by and Jessica said, "hi." The SS teacher said "hi" but in a way that you could tell she didn't think she knew Jessica. A few yards later she stopped, turned back and called, "Jessica? Is that you?" We had this happen at least six times where people didn't recognize her at first but then all of a sudden they figured it out. It was too fun!!


Christine said...

How pretty! It lifted and brightened her face!

Terry said...

Now she need those trendy expensive glasses I see so many young people with. Actually I don't know if they are expensive or not. My daughter Lauren has a haircut similar to that with the trendy glasses :-)

Jessica is looking rather mature these days!

Brooke said...

That's what happened when I cut ten inches off my hair! A lot of people didn't recognize me at first. =)

She looks older!

PreSchoolMama said...

I love her hair cut it looks so good on her. She really dose look a lot different without glasses

Anonymous said...

I love Jessica's new hair cut it makes her look more her age plus I really love it with her glasses.