Thursday, December 18, 2008

No Concert Tonight

Yesterday I went to counseling with Adam again. Then he went back to the school and a couple of hours later pulled the fire alarm clearing out over 1,000 students, interrupting mid terms and bringing the fire department. He told the vice principal some story about seeing the alarm open and trying to shut it and it went off. Well, he shouldn't have been out of class in the first place and I think he's smart enough to know it would go off.

The VP gave him three days in school suspension and warned him that next time it'd be 10 days out of school suspension. The principal heard about it today and is not giving him the benefit of in school suspension after Christmas break. He called for us to come get Adam immediately. Rick is on his way right now so I don't know how long it will be for. Tomorrow is only a half day so I don't know how they'll count it.

His winter concert is tonight. He missed the parade by not getting ready and now the concert by getting suspended. Not good choices.


Anonymous said...

I have noticed a lack of pictures of Adam and any comments or mention of him on your blog almost always seems negative. Perhaps it is just an oversight on my part. I feel sad for him. He is obvioulsy upset by something.

Kathy said...

Did you look at the last post? Best of 2008? Did you go back and hear his sax duet? Did you watch the video of him making a gingerbread house? There is no lack of him on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Don't lose sleep over anon's comment. He/she obviously doesn't know Adam. And yeah, there are all the vids of him.

Funny how it's always after counseling he does something.

Anonymous said...

You can check my blog out at

but I don't get around to posting very often.

SilverWolf said...

Adam ain't lacking on this blog anon, yuo are just lacking the brain cells to see that.

Lou said...

I have seen Adam in most of the posted pictures.
But, Adam you need to make better choices in school if you want to get in a good college and find a good job that you would like!!!