Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just Stuff

Ty went to the Explorer's Christmas party. They play dirty Santa. It's a gift exchange. The first person picks on of the gifts and opens it. The second person can either pick a wrapped gift or take the gift the first person has already opened. A gift can only be taken three times. The gift Ty took was nerf gun.

Ty picks a gift.

Nice dart board.

There it goes.

Nice chess set. It got taken too!

Hmmm. Ear phones. Nope!

He ended up with a $15 gift card.

Jessica went to her church youth group party. You were suppose to bring a $10 wrapped gift. And she did. Some kids didn't bring gifts and the youth leaders added some gifts--an iPod shuffle, a cell phone with 300 minutes and some "funny" gifts--cans of corn. So Jessica goes all excited about the party and receives a can of corn as her present! Sorry, but I fail to see how that is at all a funny present to receive when you take a nice gift and expect one in return. I wrote all three youth leaders an e-mail but didn't hear back from any. This does not sit well with me. I bet you moms reading this feel the same way!

Jessica and I have been alternating on the treadmill during this fattening season.

Sharing a Hungry Man Turkey dinner.

Shy's favorite nap place.

Jasmine and I shared the Hungry Man fried chicken dinner. Ty & Adam had a mexican one but snarfed it down so fast that I didn't get a picture : ) (There was also other food in case anyone was still hungry)


Anonymous said...

I would be prety livid about the can of corn as well....I guess the only positive is she could donate it to a food bank and give an even bigger gift than anyone at the party received.

SilverWolf said...

Me no like corn for present.

PreSchoolMama said...

Poor Jessica I would not be happy either. I can't believe no one caontacted you back.

Lou said...

Funny gifts would be fine as prizes for winning a game or something as long as everyone got the same kind of gift.
But as a main gift when you take something nice it is not that great.
I can believe that they didn't answer the email. I am sure they don't want to hear about it.