Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tyler's Half Birthday

My previously downloaded pictures have not been recovered yet from the dead computer but I can download new ones to my laptop.

We celebrate half birthdays at our house. We started this way back--about 17 years ago. It seems like kids always say they are almost 5,6,7, whatever the next age is from the moment they have their previous birthday. So we started half birthdays so that they'd know when they were half way to the next number. And we still continue it.

We used to always have half a cake but now we sometimes have cupcakes. Especially since my oven is still broken. So yesterday I headed for Walmart's reduced bakery items first. I couldn't resist this cow. I haven't seen them have anything like it before. This was Ty's special cake. The rest of us had football cupcakes.

Happy 17 1/2 Ty!


Lou said...

Love your "cow" cake.
You usually spend your real birthday with us in Indiana since you are usually up here in July.
Sorry we don't have cows. Grandma just does angel food. LOL

Lisa said...

Happy 17.5, Ty!

The cow cake is cute - is that a haystack it's buried in? We saw the football cupcakes at walmart last week too. Those looked fun but we chose the sugar cookies - they're so yummy!

Kaylen has already asked me when her 5.5 is going to be - and she just turned 5 three days ago!

Kathy said...

Yes, it;s a haystack. They had a pig too. They were both so cute and I haven't seen anything like that there before.

You'll have to do halves with Kaylen so she can officially be 5 1/2 : )

Jasmine has been saying for weeks that she doesn't want a birthday party for her 7th. Her birthday falls presidents' day weekend so two years ago we went to Disney and last year to Wild Adventures since we had the long weekend. This year her birthday actually is President's Day and she's decided she wants a party. We are negotiating because the place she wants is wayyyyyyyyyyyy too expensive.

Anonymous said...

Cool cow tail.

Christine said...

Happy Birthday Ty! What a great cake!