Thursday, November 22, 2007

Start of the Holidays

There was only a half day of school Wednesday.

First stop--Chick-Fil-A for chocolate shakes.

Next stop--a nearby park. The child who threw another child to the ground at school yesterday and is either suspended or has detention next week is not pictured because he was at home thinking about how he can make better choices.

Jasmine in her new shirt.

Jasmine jumps for the rings.

Obstacle course, wearing off the chocolate shake calories!

Ty makes new friends.


Tyler misses the pecan trees we had in our yard in Georgia. We only have pine trees now.

Ty tries climbing the pole on the obstacle course.

Ty finds out he can do it barefoot.

Jessica and Jasmine.


Ascula said...
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Ascula said...

cool look at that awsome climber guy

Lou said...

That is an awesome climber guy--
Aunt Lou And Grandma Sims

The Hermy Zoo said...

What a fun time at the park. It's beautiful where you live. I must add I would love a shake NOW after looking at those pics!

Anonymous said...

Great photos of Ty w-a-y up in that tree! He's fearless!