Monday, November 12, 2007

Holiday Weekend

Jasmine doesn't like loud noises.

Free hotdogs and soda at the small city parade. We went to this rather than the big downtown one because Jessica's school band was marching in this one.

Veteran's Day parade.

Jessica is second sax from the end.

It was 75F and very hot for the band members.

We have just a few colored leaves if you look quickly.

Jasmine with her Sonic's burger on the beach.

Butterfinger ice cream

Done eating and ready to play.

Tyler ready to play.

Jessica seeing if she can still do a handstand.

Adam saves the ball.

Jasmine driving.

"I can do it"

"Look what I found"

Cassel crew (well, half) Tyler, 17, Adam, 12, Jessica, 16, Jasmine, 6


"Hey,everything's upside down."











Jasmine & Adam


Anonymous said...

Had a great time at the beach!

Sorry I couldn't see/hear the band.

Anonymous said...

Love the beach.

Christine said...

What a beautiful beach. It looks like your family had a wonderful time.

The Hermy Zoo said...

Hey there Kathy, I was just posting on Courtney's blog and I saw your comment. I to am so grateful for our children's unwavering faith and devotion to our kiddo's in Haiti. Our kids have known that we have struggled greatly to come up with the funds need. So they on their own decided they wanted to help, because their brothers and sister have to come home from Haiti. So we have been doing weekly bake sales. It's been a huge blessing and great to see our children feel like they are making an difference in the process. It's also awesome to see their willingness to sacrife all their time on a weekend from friends and playing. What great kids we all have!!!
You have a beautiful family
Many wonderful reasons to SMILE!