Monday, October 15, 2007

Wild Adventures.

The kids had Monday off so we drove to Wild Adventures Sunday afternoon and had a couple of hours there that night and then a few hours Monday.

Wendy's 11 p.m. It's right outside the hotel but only the drive through was open so I had to drive the car 50 feet!! Adam and Jessica tried to walk through the drive through but the night manager wasn't amused!

Explaination of why they don't have their licenses!

This one doesn't go upside down, just has a big migraine inducing drop at the beginning! Otherwise, it's great.


We all shared a rib/pork plate. For the price of one, we should have gotten half a pig!

Yep--Jessica's on there-between eating the rib plate and the funnel cake. Ugh. It goes up, back down, upside down and around and then repeats it with the passengers faced backward.


Anonymous said...

And you still let her ride in the car??!! You're brave!!

Anonymous said...

As far as Wendy's - Adam should have been riding on Jessica's back.
Or Scarrier- have Jessica drive over.


Big Dog