Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Time with Jasmine

The best thing about Jasmine being in public school is that she gets home about 50 minutes before Ty & Jessica and 2 hours before Adam due to the schools running on totally different schedules. Jasmine and I do a lot together in the time with have before the others are home.

First stop, mail check. We made these mailboxes to test a craft for Just for Me: The Bible which was just released. They are a little smushed because Shy likes to sit on them.

Yay. Clubhouse Jr is here!

Time to do homework. Some days she has a lot!

Jasmine reads a book for Book It.

Jasmine works on her discipleship book to prepare for believer's baptism later this month.

Jasmine works on Just for Me: The Bible. We will be giving away copies of it on my girl's blog soon. I love the cross key chain that comes with it.

Starting cookies to have them ready for the big kids.

The big kids are home!

Testing the cookies.

One for each hand just like when he was a toddler. I'm glad some things never change.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Jasmine didn't find Shy on/in the mailboxes.

Big Dog

christy said...

Ok now that makes me what a cookie. Let me see... you are South...LOL.

Lou said...

I want a cookie. Tell Tyler he has to share with his aunt!!