Sunday, January 6, 2019

New Year's Eve

I'm trying to catch my blog up, but most of my time is being spent sorting out our shop inventory which ended up in our house plus multiple storage units. Yes, there was that much plus furniture.

We spent New Year's Eve at home, just the six of us.

We spent the evening playing board games and lighting fireworks.

The next morning we had our third annual Cassel Crew Polar Bear Plunge. I know, I know. It's not cold enough here for a Polar Bear Plunge, but it's cold enough for us.

Before the Polar Bear Plunge

After the Polar Bear Plunge
Rick started water boiling for hot chocolate before we jumped into the water. He also had eggs, sausage and bacon ready to go on the grill.

Here's to a great new year. Some things that are ahead this year are: hopefully moving into a new home, a contract for The Christian Girl's Guide to Middle School, a possible contract for a Locker Devotions book, Jasmine' graduation, Jasmine going on a TMI mission trip to Mexico, a possible trip to New Orleans and a possible trip to NYC to celebrate Jasmine's graduation. The trips depend on finances. I had the money saved, but it has to go to the closing costs on the new house. So time will tell.

Hunter and Jessica are on a cruise this week, so we are watching their girls for the week. Plenty of photos to come. 

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