Saturday, February 27, 2010

Regular Stuff

Jessica walks the kids to the gas station once a week to spend their allowances. This was Friday. Usually she goes on Wed, but it's been rainy.

Everyone is home with treats. Yep, that's a lot of sugar but that's it for the week. They eat and share the candy and it's gone.

Jessica was stocking up. She doesn't normally get that much. But the last few weeks they've been out of banana laffy taffy.

We dropped Tyler off at work.

Demonstrating how to handle people who talk during movies. Well, really, people can get really nasty when you ask them to be quiet or leave.
One lady came out and yelled at Jessica for asking some girls to be quiet. She said her daughter had a cough and it wasn't her fault. But the girl would go into these loud dramatic coughing fits and all her friends would laugh and mimic her. If she's that sick she should have been home in bed!

Jessica bought soft pretzel nuggets and everyone needed the first one!

Love those family restrooms in the mall!

We dropped Jessica off for a weekend youth group event.

Nope. Dad didn't get the medical form notarized. Good thing there was a notary there and that I walked her in and found out he hadn't turned it in.

The guys are replacing the back screen door.

Watching Johnny Quest on DVD.
The roter rooter guy is here because the kid's toilet is stopped up. The twins flush everything down it! We pulled about 50 Q tips out of it this morning. I don't know what's in it but the guy is going back for the jet rotor and a second person. $470 literally down the toilet!! I will not bless you with photos of that.


Karen said...

Hope Jessica has a great weekend! Oh my, don't ya just hate seeing money going down the drain...sorry....:)

Christine said...

Love all the updates. :)

Julia said...

i love you blog good job they all look so cutefrom Rachel