Monday, March 9, 2009

Adam's letter

Adam is going on a mission trip this summer to Haiti. It is not to our O. It is through Teen Mission International. The will be building an O. up in the mountains. It will be a very good experience for him to see how the Haitians live compared to how we live. Our kids sometimes feel bad that other families have more than we do but we have a house--although it's a double wide manufactured home--and we have two working vehicles. Everyone has clothes, food and electronic gadgets.

Adam has to raise $2,700 and only has $65 currently. If he does not raise enough, he has to stay in FL on the team there. That is $1,800.

He wrote a letter to be sent out. I am posting it below in his own words. If anyone wants to help, just use the donate button on the bottom right of our adoption blog HERE. I will know it's for him.

Dear friends and family,

This summer I have the opportunity to go on a life changing trip to Haiti. First, I go to Merritt Island, FL for two weeks for spiritual and physical training before I reach my mission field.

Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere, many children are orphaned or live on the streets. Our team will be building an orphanage in the rural mountains and running a medical clinic.

As most of you know my family is adopting twins form an orphanage, but my assignment is not at my future sibling's orphanage.

I need your help in raising support for this mission trip. The total cost is $2,700 to cover flight, food and supplies. Please consider sending a donation of any size or even becoming a prayer partner as I am on this trip. Checks should be made out to Teen Missions but sent to our address. Thank you. Adam

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Brooke said...

That's so cool that he gets the opportunity to go on a mission trip! I've always wanted to go on one.

I'll pray that he raises enough money for either of the trips. =)