Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our Furry Family Members

Max was born 7/7/99. We originally had three of the four siblings but a bobcat got a couple and one moved out when we got Scrappy. Max is very shy (but our cat named "Shy" is not). He comes in each morning to eat and then goes right back out most days. I sat him on the table to see what he'd do.

Shy was born 9/11/01. He had a twin brother Sky who was kittynapped.
Shy is cross-eyed.
We've had Scrappy since '01. He moved down from Valdosta with us. He was used to being a country dog. We have a fenced in area but he digs his way under so the dogs have to be on leads. I hate that but it costs $65 every time they get picked up for being loose.

Cheyenne was displaced after Hurricane Katrina and was about to take the "long walk" when we showed up looking for an older dog to keep Scrappy company.

Cheyenne and Scrappy.
Doesn't he look excited about pictures?


patjrsmom said...

Cute kitties! The orange one looks like ours!

God Bless,

Christine said...

How cute. WE have just one dog.

Katy said...

Oh, they are all so so cute! I am especially a dog person, and I miss my dog terribly. She died at age 15 about a year and a half ago, and I still can't bring myself to get another one... Are they mutts?

SilverWolf said...

I shall give warrior names to the cats: Flufftail (Shy) and Goldflight (Max)

Lou said...

Boy.....They look Soooo excited.