Monday, March 17, 2008

Typical Afternoon

Jasmine gets home at 2:00 and we do homework before the others get home. We start working on spelling on Monday since it is so difficult. This weeks' words: how - round - dishes - blue - argue - diver - enjoy - overpay - afternoon - vacation - early - learn (What grade were you in when you learned to spell vacation or argue??)
Sentences - Braden found four spiders in the corner of the dark barn. The soil there was moist and cool.
If you notice that my kids seem to always wear the same colors, that's because there is somewhat of a dress code here. Pants must be blue or beige (includes neat jeans) held up with a belt, and a plain collared shirt (K-5-5th don't have to have a collar)in one of the three school colors.

We used 1/2 cup applesauce in place of 1/2 cup oil.


OUR OVEN IS FINALLY FIXED! (We've been without it since early Nov)




We decided to make some green frosting for St. Patrick's Day.

That led to experimenting with colors.

The high school kids are home at 3:00.
Cupcakes are ready. They are still warm so the frosting is melting.

Frosting face. (Jasmine had a cleft lip and palate so she has bone grafting and many years of braces ahead)

When everyone gets home it's time to start jobs. Jessica walks the dogs three days a week, Tyler three and Adam one.

Tyler vacuums

Adam tidies up the bathroom. He cleans it before school since he doesn't leave until much later than the others. Then it just needs a touch up after school. Adam doesn't get home until 4:00 so we have an hour between each group coming home.

It's off to ballet.


BIG DOG said...

Where am I during all of this fun stuff?? WORKING!

Kathy said...


BethPie said...

Busy, busy!! All that, and time to bake cupcakes! :o)

One Crowded House said...

green cupcakes- how fun!
You have great kiddos!

Kathy said...


I love having Jasmine home an hour before the next load so we can have homework done and sometimes do something fun. We skipped spring soccer so things aren't quite so crazy as normal--just dance, gymnastic and church activities for her, marching band and tumbling for Jessica plus she leads a small group Bible study Sun p.m., Explorers for Tyler and band for Adam.