Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jasmine's BIrthday Party--food and gifts

Time for cake and ice cream and presents.

blowing out candles
Hailey and Sophia
Gabby and Jasmine
Ariana and Gabby
Caleb and Nathan
Rick on ice cream duty
From Caleb and Ariana
Tyler made balloon dogs and swords. I encouraged him to try this a couple of years ago and bought him a starter pack of balloons with instructions and he took right to it.

Ariana and Caleb gave Jasmine Disney Monopoly Junior and it has all her favorite characters from the Disney channel.
Sophia and Jasmine
Cinderella 3
Jasmine with Abby
Abby gave Jasmine a target gift card.
Jasmine and Hailey
Hailey gave Jasmine a light up Pet Shop set.
Friend hug
Jasmine and Gabby
Gabby gave Jasmine a High School musical make up set

Erin enjoying ice cream.
Jasmine and Nathan
Nathan and Erin gave Jasmine a Color Explosion set.

Jessica capturing everything on video


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jasmine from the Clearys!!!

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BethPie said...

Great pictures!! Looks like so much fun! :o)