Saturday, June 30, 2007

Vacation Bible School

VBS was this past week. Jasmine was in the kindergarten class and Jessica was a teacher in one of the 4-year-old classes.

These are from the VBS program.


BethPie said...

I saw your comments over on my blog & replied there but wanted to pop over here, too! Your girls are so sweet! We did the same VBS and my older daughter taught, as well. Those songs are stuck in my head! ;o)

DragonRider said...

"Run the race, keep the pace" will forever be stuck in my head! I worked with 4-yr-olds so "Recruit and Tell" is also going through my head.

Way to go on those songs Jasmine!

Anonymous said...

Kathy! My husband found your website last night, I tried to e-mail and it keeps comming back-blocked from I have been looking for you for years!

This is your old friend Nancy (Hall) from Florida!
I'm here dear friend!

Please contact me:

Kathy said...

I'm out of town right now. I'll try to get ahold of you when I'm home. I'm not sure why you're getting your e-mails back. I don't have a program to block any.

christy said...

We also did the same VBS. Seeing our Pastor try to dance was horrible! Jessica has a beautiful smile and as always Jasmine looks so happy!