Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pilot for a Day

Jasmine was "Pilot for a Day" today. First she went in and got her own flight suit just like the pilots and a hat. The other kids and Jasmine got squadron t-shirts. Then Jasmine met the squadron commander. After that, all the kids tried on the flight helmets and night vision goggles. Jasmine put on a parachute pack that weighed about what she did and also some other gear.

We saw the F-15s. Jasmine got to sit in the cockpit.

We went out on the observation deck of the flight tower. Jasmine even got to talk to the pilots.

We had lunch with the pilots. Aftewards, everyone (except Kathy) flew the real flight similators.

Jasmine got a picture of herself standing by an F-15, signed by all the pilots. They all came out to say goodbye to her and they hung her picture on their squadron wall.

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Christy said...

Awsome. I bet that was exciting to all of them.